New Student Information

To find out if you are the right fit to be a Diamond Fastpitch/Tincher student, first sign up for an introductory class.

I will help you determine how long a class to take based on your current experience.

At this lesson, expect to feel overwhelmed with information!

If you are a previous pitcher, expect to make changes.  If you do not want to make changes, we will not be a good fit.  You will be finding new ways to draw power from your body and you may need to change the way you think and feel to do so.

At the intro lesson you will be given a worksheet on what to practice and how to practice it.

You must work the worksheet at least 3 times before scheduling a follow-up class.  This will be a rule for all follow-up classes.

I will not need to see you until the worksheet is completed, the worksheet will guide you through your workouts. Your advancement will be determined by how much you are willing to put into it.

Younger students (10u) may do 30 minute private or 1 hour semi-private. (12u-14u)1 hour semi-private. Older students (High school) can do 1 hour semi-private or private, based on play level.

6u-8u students- I do instruct at these younger ages in my minis program.

We can discuss how often they should attend classes based on age and skill level.  Before signing up for the mini's program, make sure she can can throw and catch.  She needs to be a little advanced in basic skills and coordination before beginning pitching.  During lessons, basic overhand throwing motions will be addressed as well.

Responsibilities of the student are;

Practice, follow instructions on the worksheet, coming to lessons prepared with worksheet, practice card, notebook(if assigned), proper clothing and shoes(no metal cleats).  Please have hair tied back.  Bring water.  I have water available at the facility for purchase.


1. No attitudes, you cannot learn if you are fighting it.

2. Accept failure-if you cannot accept it you can't learn from it.  You  have more balls than strikes in a count for a reason!

3. Honesty, I will be completely honest with you.  You need to be honest back, I need to know about problems when you just arn't getting it.  I need to know when something feels awesome!  I need to know about any pains (I will drop you as a student if you hide pain from me).

Intro class payment must be made in cash at beginning of class.

If you have any more questions email me at