About Jo

*27 years experience as a youth coach/instructor, boys & girls.

*Coached at the highest levels of girls travel ball. 

*20 years experience as a pitching instructor.


For many Instructors the journey never ends. That is what we like most about our group. Jo Keller, of San Leon, Texas, is a great example of that constant quest to do a better job, and that is why she is our Instructor of the Week. Let's get to know her better.

Jo says that her path to discovery happened in the same way as many parents. "Not long after my daughter first started learning how to pitch I began to realize there was more than one teaching method. I began to stay open minded about everything I read or saw. I picked through what made sense and what didn’t make sense, what worked and what just didn’t, a lot of trial and error on both our parts."

Jo says there were always some missing pieces, so she kept searching for better answers. "When she went off to pitch in college I began to help my local pitchers, and I continued that same seeking of knowledge until one day I happened on Denny Tincher’s website and Fluid Dynamics. My curiosity was peaked. I called Denny, and as he explained it to me, it sounded like just what I was looking for, and hopefully confirmation I was on the right track with my students."

Within a few days of that first conversation with us, Jo was on the road. "I made arrangements to travel to Georgia for my first seminar. My first seminar I just wanted to take it all in, and so relieved that the track I was already on was the right one, but what Fluid Dynamics was showing me was a shorter track, a faster track, a more efficient track, I was sold! After 2 seminars I attended the annual conference, and met so many wonderful like-minded instructors."

Jo says the unity of purpose in the group is amazing. "These instructors as a whole are such a tremendous resource. No longer do I have to scratch my head about a particular student’s issue’s, how to help a student recovering from an injury or getting feedback on a drill to fix a barrier. I can also ask about certain schools or camps and get firsthand information which is invaluable to my parents. I know with this group, there will always be excitement about new ideas, always being positive and progressive, and my students are the ones that will truly benefit the most."

It is that spirit that we celebrate as we honor Jo Keller of Texas as our Instructor of the Week.