Train in the Tincher Pitching method of Fluid Dynamics, a method designed  to transfer energy efficiently and safely for the female athlete. 

2019 Winter Pre-Season

NOW is the time to prepare for the Spring season!

With Fluid Dynamics you utilize the body's natural movements, allowing the pitcher to generate more energy than she ever thought possible.

*Has your speed plateaued? 

With improper training some pitchers develop strength in all the wrong places for pitching.

They can develop muscle imbalances from relying on the wrong parts of the body.

Some pitchers just have poor body awareness that prevent them from being able to activate key muscles.

With Fluid Dynamics, pitchers learn how to be strong in all the right places and learn techniques to improve body awareness.

Do you have pain when you pitch?

Unfortunately pitching in pain is the new normal. 

There is no reason why a pitcher should ever pitch in pain.

Find out what is causing your pain and the proper procedures to get you back on track and pain free.

Beginner Pitchers; At Diamond Fastpitch you will get started off right with the proper motions that will help you to continually develop with safe techniques keeping you constantly progressing and free from injury.

At DIAMOND FASTPITCH you will not only learn safe and effective pitching methods but a goal plan to help you succeed in whatever level you choose!

Beginners Pitching

Introductory Course

Mondays & Tuesdays Beginning January 7th & 8th

Contact Jo for more information.

This is a 6 week course.  Those wishing to continue after completion of the introductory course may then move into more advanced classes.

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